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IR, MDR & Red team as a Service: what does it mean?

With just 1 in 5 organizations having a dedicated security department, many businesses lack the necessary skills and resources to tackle today’s complex cyber threats.

The demand for cybersecurity professionals has skyrocketed in recent years. The New York Times reports a stunning statistic: Cybersecurity Ventures’ prediction shows that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021, up from one million positions in 2014.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity ensures that you get the Cyber expert guidance you need, without the hassle of finding and hiring people internally to address the security issues you face.

Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS) brings together the human intelligence of cybersecurity, incident response and Managed Services with the efficiency of a SaaS product. Our product is IRON and you can learn more by visiting our website here.

Anyone who has used PT, IR and Cyber services in the past knows how difficult, time-intensive and expensive they can be. With a CSaaS platform, scale your security team as needed and hire talent within 24 hours. Scale your team up or down exactly when you need it, no strings attached.

With a Cyber expert as a Service model, customers can also rest assured that the process offers a lot of benefits such as a more friendly user experience, faster time to testing/mitigating and lower costs.

With improvements to the value proposition generated with a CSaaS model, this should be on the radar of every cybersecurity professionals. Whether you’re a CISO or working on the edges of cybersecurity as a developer or business operator, anyone involved in executing Security Operations will benefit from understanding this innovative approach.

Key Benefits of Cybersecurity as a service

1.  A large, diverse and trustable community of Cyber experts

Our model offers a more robust set of services than most Cyber consultancies offer. The value here comes from a more diverse set of Cyber experts who can, therefore, specialize in a wider set of specialties.

For example, an expert in application security may not be well versed in network security. This problem doesn’t come up for businesses using us as they have access to an entire community of cybersecurity experts. So, the best cyber specialists for your particular technology stack conduct the test to meet the precise needs of each unique business.

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2. Speed of Delivery

While using a modern approach to Cyber services with a Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS) platform, customers can expect their security projects to start faster than a traditional system would allow.

For example, with legacy testing models, logistics often delay the start of testing for weeks to months. This slow process to start testing ripples across organizations impacting all operations dependent upon that system’s test. CSaaS models solve this by empowering customers to start their tests in as little as 24 hours.

This speed of delivery can be critical as more organizations shift to a DevSecOps approach for their development lifecycles. With a CSaaS platform, businesses quickly schedule their PT, IR and MDR needs and allow for the pentesters, incident responders and cyber specialists to essentially be a part of the team.

3. Real-time reports and cyber project management

Providing Cyber resources within a software means that you can hire talents and then track their progress and operations with a technology made for it.

Don’t wait until your project is done to get results, using IRON you can directly track progress in real-time and get your findings as long as the project runs:

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Smart businesses already utilizing a CSaaS platform understand the time savings integrations offer their team. With integrations with developer toolsets such as Jira or GitHub, engineers will be delighted to see that newly discovered vulnerabilities do not require manual input to their developer toolsets. Instead, these findings are available to feed directly into their workflows with a few clicks.

4. Integrated methodologies for a high-quality service

Our streamlined platform integrates the OWASP methodology, the ATT&CK framework and SANS DIAMOND to ease the reporting process and enhance workflow efficiencies:

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5. Collaboration

Another exciting aspect of the IRON platform comes from the collaborative element. When starting a project, customers connect directly to their team via a dedicated communication channel and comment features available inside the CSaaS platform — similar to comments in an issue management tool such as Jira.

Since the Cyber specialists connect directly to customers, this accelerates some of the bureaucratic processes to send or receive information from the company.

To clarify, while some back and forth will always exist between cyber experts and the businesses they work for, a CSaaS platform brings business intelligence together in one centralized place. Furthermore, this open collaboration empowers operators to stay up to date with their projects in real-time.

5. Unlimited Free Retesting

One of the most popular benefits specific to the IRON platform comes from unlimited retesting. Companies can rest assured after a vulnerability has been detected and remediated to know that they won’t have to start over with the pentesting process. Instead, simply activate a retest of the remediated asset and let the expert testers do their magic, allowing companies to rest assured the remediation fixed their specific vulnerability properly.

Cyber experts as a service – What’s the workflow?

With an understanding of the value proposition offered by a CSaaS platform, it’s important to understand the overall process as well.

1. Directly order what you need, when you need it.

With IRON, you can order a Pen-test, Incident response, or MDR directly within our platform. At any time, press on our “Request a PT” or “Under attack” buttons and directly book Cyber experts for your project.

2. Define Scope directly online

With an asset scoping tool, businesses can more quickly outline the scope of their pen-test or incident response to focus the cyber experts once they begin. With straightforward pricing options, businesses can rest assured that, before the start, the testing costs will be clearly defined.

3. Collaborative Experience

As the test begins, customers can interact directly with their testing teams throughout the process. The collaborative environment allows for synergy between the customer’s internal team who know the business well and the testers who understand exploiting different vulnerabilities well. Collaboration leads to more effective testing results.

4. Integrated Reportings

Store all of your secops data in one place and integrate your results with popular SDLC platforms such as Jira and GitHub. Access your pentest results automatically such as with the IRON API to export pentesting findings like never before!

5. Unlimited Re-Testing

One of the most exciting features, after remediation, is access to retesting. While not available on every CSaaS platform, IRON proudly offers unlimited retesting of vulnerabilities and/or findings.

 Learn more about us and book your free demo here

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