The On-Demand Cyber experts solution.

We created a crowdsourced security platform to easily build a Cyber Security team and manage their operations.
From anywhere, at any time.

We give you the opportunity to work with the world’s top cybersecurity freelancers recruited for their skills and chosen based on trust.

On-demand cyber experts

Connect with top skilled cybersecurity freelancers and find the right expert to match with your security requirements, business needs and schedule. Easily hire CISOs, Incident Responders, Security Analysts and Penetration Testers in order to build a lean security team that you can actually scale!

Incident response and MDR monitoring

We provide real-time dashboards including the state of your forensic investigations and security findings, in order to improve your capacity to mitigate them.

Take full control of your exposed Cloud, Web, Mobile, and Infrastructure assets and get a clear view of the threats against your company.

Build a Red team in less than 5 clicks

Manage all your pentest findings and directly integrate them into your software development lifecycle. Our streamlined platform integrates the OWASP methodology and the ATT&CK framework to ease the reporting process and enhance workflow efficiencies. 

14 Years of Experience

IRON is a product made by cyber experts,
for cyber experts.

IRON is a Bugsec product – Bugsec is a fast-paced cybersecurity company in the field for 14 years, providing high-end consulting and managed security services. We apply attack-oriented defensive strategies delivered by leading cyber experts. By ethically hacking some of the largest global companies in all major industries, we showed that we have what it takes to protect our customers from hostile hackers and cyber attacks. Our team of over 90 cybersecurity experts includes graduates of IDF’s famous israeli intelligence units. We work in the most challenging technical environments, and our ongoing commitment to innovation has led to a raft of successful spin-offs.

What you will get using IRON:


Access a diverse global community of rigorously vetted cyber experts chosen based on trust and selected for their skills.


See all your findings in real time to easily integrate them into your software development life cycle.


Simplified process for Red Teams, IR, and digital forensics.


Align all your cyber security communication channels in one secured place
(video, chat board, e-mail)


Get all your SecOps statistics in one dashboard to continuously improve your security posture. (IR, MDR and Pen-tests)

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